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Microsoft Vision Lab

UI & UX Designer

Worked with a team of talented storytellers, AR, VR, and IoT spatial analytics device experts to help the team envision the future of productivity application design centering around the HoloLens device.

We embarked on many three-week rapid envisioning and prototyping process in which Microsoft partners with innovative companies to visualize how Microsoft HoloLens can transform their businesses.

We apply filter criteria to choose our top three scenarios. Then we further develop and evaluate those ideas through storytelling and imagery.

Here are some details about the final deliverable and process.

Project 01


AR Digital Captain

JRCS: Just Right Customer Solution

JRCS is an innovative customer services company in Japan’s maritime industry. Services such as developing, producing, and managing power supply switchboards and automation of control systems. They also provide marine logistics on safety and efficient navigation of vessels in the world's oceans. They are aiming to offer remote training, maintenance assistance and provide ship command using mixed reality technology.


JRCS and Microsoft partnership

In a four-week client engagement, we envisioned a digital transformation of the maritime industry. We focused on using Augmented Reality technology in Hololens to streamline maintenance troubleshoots, remote training, and operation of JSB switchboards via remote assist/guide UI and cargo vessels via a digital captain.


My focus was to communicate user experience possibilities with JRCS leadership and production team.

Create UI visuals illustrating the potential future interactions.

Create the UI/UX for an augmented reality demo.

Final Envision & Demo

UI & UX Compositions

Sea Japan 2018 | JRCS Press Release Video


Project 02


Spatial Analytics

thyssenkrupp and Microsoft partnership

Participated in a three-week client engagement to envision a supply chain management solution. We focused on using audio IoT device to collect spatial telemetry and create a vision of a cloud-based AI application to improve safety, productivity and costly machine downtime.


My focus was to communicate user experience possibilities with thyssenkrupp leadership.

Create UI visuals for a multi-platform application that highlighted the connection between IoT devices, real-time AI predictions, and mobile devices.

Communicate the animation and effects requirements for compelling storytelling.

Microsoft Build 2018 | Partner Spotlight

IoT Product Concepts

Application Envision

UI Visuals

Storyboards showing UI visuals in context by Brett Ciacco